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Sunrise - Northern Teton Range from Oxbow

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My Background

The subjects of my first photographs were the vistas and wildlife of the Western National Parks during a cross-country tour in 1951. I was 13, and learned to develop and print in my father's darkroom. Sixty-seven years later, I'm still photographing those western lands, but also much of the world.  Despite a demanding business career developing major planned communities and devoting much time to public service, my passion for capturing special scenes and moments never diminished. Serving for nine years on the California Arts Council including four years of policy-making as Chairman and Vice Chairman broadened my exposure to all forms of art. It isn't enough to competently record scenes and events. I always look for ways of artistically presenting my images while remaining faithful to what I see in Nature everywhere I go. My images have been exhibited in galleries and museums in California and Arizona, and are widely shown on various Internet sites.

Appreciating beauty and diversity


All artists experience visual saturation and fatigue after portraying the same subjects for a long time. Visiting other environments with different cultures is an easy way to stoke up one's creative energies. And in doing so, we also become more aware of the subtleties that make images more meaningful. I often feel that my best work on American lands, people and wildlife occurs after visiting other countries and cultures.

... and also the similarities

Roundup - East Utah

I have lived in many regions of the United States and visited 41 states by age 14, and all 50 by 1986. I enjoy them all and revisit them regularly. But, it is the American West that remains most special to me, and where I have lived for more than 50 years. My book "In Search of the Old West" (available through this website) contains my first efforts to relate the beauty and culture of the West today to the Old West of more than a 100 years ago. Two more books on the West are underway.

CameraStops Snapshots

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Harvey Stearn has authored many illustrated articles for major websites and print publications. Some of these will be reproduced on the Illustrated Articles page of this site by the end of 2019


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Bobbie Stearn, Artist

My wife Bobbie has accompanied me on many of my photography outings. Frequently, she has used her artistic skills to capture the beauty and drama of Nature in her landscape paintings. You can view her work and her Bio on the Bobbie Stearn Paintings page. Click on More in the top menu to show a drop-down menu listing her page and others.

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